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We are inspired by the resilience and vitality of small businesses and their essential role in our community. They are the lifeblood of our economy, and we are grateful for their contribution.

Refreshed Sites was established in 2006 with a mission to help businesses keep their websites up to date. Our slogan, "Breathing New Life Into Your Site," reflects the wide range of services we offer to keep your brand fresh and current. We take pride in what we do and recognize the importance of small businesses in the community.

Who We Are

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We offer professional and affordable websites to small businesses at Refreshed Sites. Whether you're just starting out and need to establish your online presence or want to refresh your current website, we listen to your needs and create your desired online image.


Updating your website regularly is crucial for success. It keeps your site relevant, appealing, and can improve search engine rankings, resulting in increased traffic and more conversions.

Website Management

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Start Now

Creating a new website can be a daunting task, especially if you're not familiar with the technicalities involved. However, it's an essential step towards establishing your online presence and reaching out to potential customers or clients. 

New Website

An accessibility statement serves as a tool to ensure that all users, regardless of their abilities, have the same opportunities to access and benefit from the information provided on a website. As such, its presence is essential in promoting inclusivity and diversity, while also providing legal protection.

Accessibility Statement

At Refreshed Sites, we offer online marketing services to help clients achieve their business goals and connect with their target audience. We'll work closely with you to develop a tailored online marketing strategy that meets your unique needs and budget

Online Marketing

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Customer Reviews

John is competent, kind and considerate. He has managed our website for many years and we appreciate his expertise and attention to detail. Would highly recommend his services to anyone in need!

Shelly Sanabria

John has maintained our website since 2009, always providing prompt and professional service. We consider him a valued member of the SBSO Team!

Anne Viricel

John and his team have been instrumental in preparing professional e-blasts for our organization for over 11 years. They listen to what the customer needs and offers their many years of experiences to help provide quality work!

Denise Shick

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